Train with Toronto's Best Muay Thai Trainers

Our Scarborough Muay Thai kickboxing program offers something for everyone. Covering the entire spectrum and opening this amazing martial art to people from all walks of life.

You don’t have to be a fighter to benefit from Muay thai, but if it is fight ready striking skills and world class fitness that you are after, then Toronto top team’s Muay thai kickboxing program is the way to go.

Our fully equipped and modern training space + unmatched team atmosphere make Toronto top team a great choice to learn Kickboxing, Muay thai & MMA oriented striking in the east Toronto & Scarborough regions.

Training at our academy you will never have to worry about any of this.
  • Intimidating or unwelcoming atmosphere full of tough guys looking to prove something every training session
  • The Overly strong cultural aspect found in some clubs. We just offer the training and dont try to change your culture or religion
  • Random classes taught without following any structure or set lesson plan
  • Crowded often dirty training facilities
  • Lack of personal attention from coach to student

Toronto top team’s Muay thai kickboxing program eliminates the most common problems that you faced students looking to learn Muay Thai but offering a great facility , atmosphere and running classes off structured lessons plans that make getting in the flow of training for all levels beginner to advanced.


Lets Be Totally Clear, This Is No Cardio Kickboxing Class…

Muay thai kickboxing sessions at toronto top team are a great workout and get amazing results for toning and body shaping but we always stress the technical part of your training to make sure you leave every day better than when you walked in the door.

It really doesnt matter if you are a Lawyer, Cook or, stay at home parent or High school student… We will always teach you the real deal skills, drills and technique that make muay thai so powerful.

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Our Scarborough-based MMA trainers will take you to the next level

Ainsley Robinson

Head MMA Trainer

Ainsley has 25+ years Martial Arts experience. He participated in 1996 Olympics and won Pan Am bronze medal as a wrestler. He is a freestyle & Greco-Roman wrestler who fought professionally in Bellator & King of the Cage. He has Black level in Muay Thai Chute Boxing system through Mauricio Veio Amado and Wanderlei Silva.


Igor Mocaiber

Head BJJ Trainer

Igor is the head Brazilian Jui Jitsu trainer. He is from Brazil and has a Black Belt under the tutelage of Wendell Alaxander Nova Uniao. He is a two-time World medalist who won provincials and Nationals in Brazil. He also won an Ontario Provincial in 2016 and placed 2nd in Toronto’s International Open in 2015.


David Miller

Head Fitness Trainer

Born in 1972, David has always seeked to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He has worked as a certified personal trainer for 10 years. New Balance and the Running Room is where he gain his running experience while training other runners and successfully completed four grueling marathons. David will push you to your limits!


Our Scarborough location has the first-class facilities for your training
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