Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Train with Toronto’s Best MMA Trainers

Our Scarborough MMA training sessions host many of the Toronto’s very best athletes, who help work and train together in an ego-free environment. We want everyone to be better.

Take your fight skills and fitness to a whole new level by joining a winning team. We will help improve your fight fundamentals and help you incorporate creative and innovative MMA fighting techniques that will help take you to the upper-echelons. We help your timing and your accuracy.

At Toronto Top Team we offer MMA training to people new to Martial Arts, as well as experienced athletes who want to enter the exciting, adrenaline-packed world of MMA fighting. We have seasoned coaches that will help you get there.


Are you Really Training MMA?

If you want intense, full combat training that helps you build strength and cardio fitness, you should consider taking an MMA training class at our Scarborough location. You need neither a martial arts background nor an excellent fitness level to join an MMA training class. This is a misconception, people of all ages and fitness levels can do MMA safely and effectively.

Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program covers all three MMA fundamentals, striking, wrestling and grappling. Putting all you core martial arts skills together and building the strength and conditioning MMA fighters are so well known for. Toronto Top Team’s MMA program is the perfect opportunity to get in shape. even if you never plan to compete on any level. The training will propel you forward and is meritorious. Just taking one of our MMA class can put your training level in perspective and the results that can come from them cannot be duplicated.



Make no mistake there is no shortage of  GTA gyms offering Mixed martial arts training but the harsh reality is in most cases students aren’t getting whats been promised.  With the popularity of events like UFC and BELLATOR, MMA today is the fastest growing combat sport world wide and practised by people in all walks of life for both fitness, self defence & competition. For those only seeking “fitness” any class will do, so what you find in most cases are  academies offering what they call MMA are often single style clubs with the occasional grappling or striking mixed in.

Training MMA with too much focus on any one style is the most common reason even highly decorated champions run into problems in the in dynamic world of Mixed Martial arts. “This isn’t taking anything away from these champions who are great in their respective skills, but people who practice MMA know as a competitor to be successful you’ll have to focus on the bigger picture.” All of our Scarborough martial arts academy programs are great but since our very first day of operation offering complete mixed martial arts training for all skill levels has been top priority. Toronto Top Team is home of founded and lead by Ainsely Robinson, Olympic Wrestler and world class mixed martial artist.

One thing that sets Toronto Top Team training sessions apart from the pack is every session covers not only striking and grappling but also how we put them together, giving you the time to explore and focus on the most important but neglected aspect of MMA training – the transitions. Coach Robinsons’s background as a true mixed martial artist stem from his roots mixing the most effective combat sports in Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing & BJJ together in an winning blend time and again.

  • Learn a myriad of different skills and techniques that will give you the edge
  • Sharpening your natural skills and incorporating different martial arts
  • Teaching you fundamentals of various martial arts to make you fundamentally sound
  • Helping you strengthen core skills such as discipline, intelligence and mental toughness to optimize your capabilities
  • Providing you with the right support system to ensure you are getting access to the best training resources that are available


BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 - 24.9Normal
25 - 29.9Overweight
30 -35Obese
35 and AboveExtremely Obese


Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simple calculation that uses the height and weight of a person and is a screening tool to identify whether someone is at a healthy weight.

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