Train with Toronto’s Best Wrestling Trainers

Learn the world’s oldest sport and the best base for mixed martial arts (MMA) right here at our Scarborough wrestling gym. Wrestling is the world’s original combat sport with nearly every nation having a unique and distinct style of wrestling.

Besides being one of the World’s most practiced sports, it is extremely practical and has proven to be one of the best bases for successful Mixed Martial Artists. This is demonstrated insofar that 5 out of the top 7 UFC fighters have wrestling as their base style.



Wrestling’s clear importance in MMA has revitalized the sport in North America, with more new athletes competing on the Greco-Roman and freestyle divisions in Canada every year. As a matter of fact, many mixed martial artists utilize wrestling so they can expand and control the range of the fight they compete in.

Our Scarborough MMA and fitness academy offers the Greco-Roman and Freestlye style of wrestling, where we can help perfect your technique. This what makes us stand-out from other MMA clubs in Scarborough and beyond. One of the greatest assets we have at Toronto Top Team is Ainsely Robinson, a former Canadian Olympic wrestler and Bellator mixed martial artist. Ainsley works first-hand with the Toronto MMA students at our gym by helping coach, mentor and train many of Toronto’s best wrestlers and mixed martial artists.



With the effectiveness of wrestling and its undeniable importance in MMA, there are many high schools and MMA gyms which are incorporating this important art into their MMA curriculum and classes. However, what distinguishes Toronto Top Team is the quality of our world-renowned coaches, the intensity of the sessions and the wrestling-centric approach we take at our training center in Scarborough.

Toronto Top Team program coordinator, Ainsley Robinson, holds the unique distinction of not only being a mixed martial artist and champion Greco-Roman wrestler, but he has competed at world class levels and represented Canada at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Our world-class coaches and our first-rate wrestling training will help you perfect the world’s oldest sport. By joining our Scarborough MMA gym, you are gaining invaluable insights on (arguably) MMA’s most important discipline, wrestling. Wrestling helps provide a pedigree and submission defense that will infinitely improve your overall grappling game. World-class wrestling coaches, who have trained provincial and national champions, grace our Scarborough MMA gym on a regular basis. With Ainsely, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are learning from one of Canada’s best.

  • Learn to take down your opponent
  • Improve take-down defense
  • Learn effective wrestling techniques
  • Gain superior & advantageous positions
  • Increased Stamina
  • More Agility
  • Better total body coordination


BMIWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 - 24.9Normal
25 - 29.9Overweight
30 -35Obese
35 and AboveExtremely Obese


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